Constantly being on the lookout for new freelance clients can get very exhausting very quick.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the clients came to you instead? Of course it would.

One fantastic way to get clients heading in your direction is to blog. Blogging is not just a chance for you to show off what you know; it’s also an opportunity for you to educate potential clients.

If you can show clients what they might be doing wrong with their business and what they can do to fix it (hire you), they might start heading your way.

3. Blog (or more simply—create content)

Add a blog to your portfolio or online resume. It’s done wonders for my project, LearnToCodeWithMe.

But before you dive in head-first into the world of blogging, it’s important to know your market.

Writing about topics relevant to the field you want to work in gives you a chance to demonstrate your expertise. There is an art to this.

Here’s a quick example: You are a WordPress web designer/developer. You may think it makes sense to write WordPress “how-to” articles. These articles are super helpful…but only to those wanting to learn WordPress themselves, not those interested in paying you to build a site for them!

Instead, write articles that will appeal to the people you want to work for and be more likely to lead into a sale. For instance, post an article about how making a website responsive can generate X increase in sales. That’ll catch the right people’s attention, and will be more likely to get you a new gig.”

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