Freelancers often perform the same minor tasks daily.

Tasks such as invoicing, time tracking, email, client management, and more can begin to eat up a large part of your day.

If you could find a way to automate those tasks, you’d be able to spend more time doing the actual work that makes you money.

Freelancers Union lists 11 tools to help you do just that; and these two tools are some that nearly all freelancers would be overjoyed to use.

“Financial Admin

Unless you’re hyper-organized and numerically minded, you’re probably not thrilled about taxes, tracking expenses, bookkeeping, or accounting.

Expensify helps you create expense reports from imported bank statements and photos of receipts. Just snap a photo of your receipt, and Expensify’s SmartScan function will attach it to the appropriate expense report. No more paper!

Bench automates the tedious task of bookkeeping entirely. Unlike DIY accounting software, it’s an online bookkeeping service that connects you with a dedicated bookkeeping team and uses simple software to do your books for you.

(full disclosure: I write for this company, and I’ve seen the relief they provide to freelancers like me who can’t stand financial admin).”

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