It’s difficult to navigate the waters of transitioning into freelancing.

Many people want to just dive right in, however trying to build a solid freelance business without a steady income can cause your ship to quickly start sinking.

The best way to transition into freelancing is to do just that, make it a transition, not a full blown leap of faith.

Seeking out clients and taking on projects while working full time can be extremely difficult and exhausting. But it’s important to remember that you’re building a business and your hard work will pay off.


But, when you’re running your own freelance business full-time and reaping the lifestyle benefits of hustling your way into self-employment, it’ll be well worth the extra hours right now.

The beautiful thing about freelancing with a full-time job is that you’re not pressed to make enough to pay your bills each month; you’ve already got that covered with your full-time job.

Ryan Robinson offers some great advice on the benefits of freelancing with a full time job and how you can use your current job’s security to build your skills as a freelancer.

3. Building Your Skills.

Arguably the most important reason to start freelancing while you’re still working, you’re going to be getting a lot of experience very quickly – and you’ll be honing your abilities under circumstances that are within your control. You’re not under the gun to immediately take on an overwhelming number of clients. Instead, you can focus on delivering very high quality work on a small number of projects that’ll help you continue to get better at your profession.

As a writer, I know the importance of keeping up with trends and regularly practicing my abilities. Whether I’m writing for my own business or for a client project, I get to go through the exercises I want to continue to get better at, on a daily basis. By freelancing my services, I’m getting paid by others to improve my skills.

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