When starting your freelance business, most of you probably made something along the lines of a one-year-plan.

It might have been extremely detailed or it just might have been a few notes on where you wanted to be in one year.

Regardless of the structure, having a one-year-plan could actually be holding your freelance business back.

Instead of planning a year in advance, try planning only 90 days ahead and see how it can change your business for the better.

“So while it’s good to plan ahead, give this a whirl instead: try planning out the next 90 days.

Just 90 days.

You can have dreams and ideas that span further than that (way into the future if you want), but as for specific tasks and goals, stick to a shorter window of time.


Because things are changing so rapidly. Goals and tasks you plan on today may become irrelevant quicker than you thought.”

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