You’ve just landed a new project. What’s the first thing that you do?

More likely than not, your answer is “Research.”

In order to create a highly effective project, you need to fully understand your target audience and their needs.

So why should it be any different when creating a business?

Freelancers can and should be researching their competition. By taking a look at what your competitors do best, you will be able to apply those core principles to your own business.

Guerrilla Freelancing puts it this way:

“Assume the perspective of a client for a moment. Take a look at your competitors and their promotional materials (websites, portfolios, social media profiles). Consider what techniques they use to gain your trust as a client. Does their online presence communicate the value and quality of their services?

Then assess your own online presence – what would make a client choose them over you? What is missing from your website/portfolio? Consider the financial aspect of the case as well – see how much they’re charging for their services and determine how they can justify this pricing. More importantly, how can you explain your pricing in comparison to theirs?”

Check out the full article at Guerrilla Freelancing.