June 2015

How I (barely) survived my first year of freelancing

The first year of freelancing is almost always a tough one. The inconsistent income, the struggle to find new clients, and actually building a successful business can be exhausting. One of the toughest aspects of freelancing is getting experience that will… Continue Reading →

6 freelancing tips for working from home

Working from home can be a struggle. With the endless distractions all around, it’s important that you do everything you can to stay focused and on task. One of the best ways to make sure you get work done is… Continue Reading →

This one tool will solve your freelance quarterly tax problems

If you pay quarterly taxes, then tomorrow (June 15th) is the last day to send them out for the second quarter. However, figuring out exactly how much you owe can be very confusing. That’s why Zen99 has released Quarterly Quickpay;… Continue Reading →

3 easy ways freelancers can disconnect

I have to make a confession: The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. I look at email, analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, and just about every other app that I could have received a notification… Continue Reading →

How to stay sane (and profitable) as a freelancer

When you’re freelancing, sanity and profitability seem to go hand in hand (most of the time.) One of the best ways that you can stay sane as a freelancer is to be organized. Even if you do manage to fall… Continue Reading →

A 3-step guide to freelance client pitches that convert

Getting a client to inquire about your services can be simple. Getting a client to follow through and work with you is a lot more difficult. Millo has an amazing article by Drew Palmer that will help you convert potential… Continue Reading →

5 things new freelancers should do

When you make the jump to freelancing, the first week can feel completely overwhelming. You have so much you want to get done, yet it feels as if you don’t have enough time. It’s important that as a new freelancer,… Continue Reading →

How you can be a happy freelancer

One of the most difficult aspects of freelancing is isolation. It seems that, for the most part, it’s just the nature of the job. While yes, you can (and should) get out of the house every so often and go do… Continue Reading →

Are freelancers truly “busy?”

It’s incredibly easy to feel busy. You want to build your business so you take on more work, until suddenly you can feel the walls closing in on you, or at least it seems like it. But if you really… Continue Reading →

How you can transition to be a full-time freelancer

Making the jump to freelancing full-time is an extremely scary thing. All of a sudden, you’re not guaranteed a certain amount of money each month. Your income will fluctuate and your monthly budget will be harder to make. There’s a… Continue Reading →

What should you be doing to get better freelance gigs?

Freelancers are almost always on the lookout for more clients. Whether it’s a dream client or a local business you know has a need, finding new clients should always be at the front of a freelancers mind. When looking for… Continue Reading →

When is it time to fire your freelance client?

There are a lot of really good clients out there. They pay on time, have clear goals, and respect your place as an expert in your field. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of bad clients out there, and the… Continue Reading →

Free Download: The Essential Guide to Launching a Freelance Career

Launching your freelance career can be full of unknowns. How do you actually find clients? What are some common freelancing pitfalls? How do you stay motivated? Many new freelancers are unsure of exactly how to get their freelance career off… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers need creative briefs (and how to write the perfect one)

If you’re working on a medium to large scale project, then having a creative brief is essential if you want to stay organized and on the right track. Think of a creative brief as a roadmap outlining how and when… Continue Reading →

Build a strong marketing plan for your freelance business

Between writing contracts and proposals, keeping track of expenses and earnings, and actually working on projects, freelancers stay extremely busy. One thing that many freelancers overlook is a strong marketing plan. The first step to building that plan is defining… Continue Reading →

How to freelance in unchartered territory

It’s easy to get comfortable doing the freelance work that you’re normally used to doing, and that’s completely okay. There may come a time though, when a client asks you to do something that you’ve not done before. If this… Continue Reading →

Use your story to land more freelance clients

We all have a story. The beautiful thing about your story is that it’s unique; no one else has a story exactly like yours. Could you be using this story to land more clients? Absolutely, you can and you should…. Continue Reading →

How to turn down freelance clients the right way

At some point in your freelance career, you will probably have to turn down a project or two. It could be that you’re too busy, you’re not an expert in what they’re wanting, or even that you feel you’re not… Continue Reading →

No deadline for your freelance project? Here’s what to do.

Although you may curse them at times, deadlines are crucial if you want to maintain a productive and organized freelance business. So what do you do when a client gives you a project and says they need it done when… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should consider value-based pricing

  For as long as I’ve been freelancing, I’ve always charged some form of an hourly rate. However, after reading this amazing article on Millo, that all changed. “Your clients are not paying you for hours, they are paying you… Continue Reading →

25 freelance twitter accounts you should be following

I’ll be honest; I’ve never been that active on Twitter. For some reason, I’ve never made it much of a priority, and until recently, never understood what Twitter could do. However, that all changed recently when I logged into my… Continue Reading →

Your guide to freelancing success

Being a successful freelancer requires more than just moving on from one project to the next. While projects are what pay the majority of the bills, there is only so much you can gain from them, and only so many… Continue Reading →

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