About a year and a half ago, I attempted to use Facebook ads to promote and sell a product I had created.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I felt that I could spend just enough and that the return would be good. I mean, everyone is on Facebook so the ads are bound to generate some revenue, at least that’s what I thought.

My site’s analytics showed that the ads were a complete bust. They hardly generated any traffic and after that, I somewhat begrudgingly discounted Facebook ads as a legitimate advertising medium.

After reading this article by Double Your Freelancing, my views on Facebook ads have completely changed.

I now realize that the problem wasn’t with Facebook ads, it was that I didn’t understand the platform that the ads were being seen on.

In his extremely detailed article, Brennan Dunn explains why most people fail at properly using Facebook ads and goes on to show you exactly how you can succeed. He provided real examples that have worked for him and covers everything you will need to know.

“The problem was with me, not with advertising

When I created this first campaign, entered in my credit card, and set a daily budget, I thought that I could easily buy project leads.

I assumed that if I ran ads that were targeting people who liked certain business-related keywords, restricted to my local area, inevitably I’d come across someone who was, in fact, looking to commission a new website or web application.

A lot of people, especially freelancers who want to dip their feet into paid advertising, end up making this mistake.

It’s important to realize that Facebook ads are passive ads.”

Read the entire article at Double Your Freelancing.