Having a potential client get cold feet can be extremely frustrating.

You put in a lot of work talking with them about their needs, send a few emails back and forth, and begin to prepare a proposal when all of a sudden, they vanish.

However, you shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet.

You might be able to use email marketing to reel them back in. You just need to remind them of the value you could bring to their business.

“2. Get Personal and Remind Them of Your Value

If you constantly send the people on your email list generic sales pitches for your products and services, it’s no wonder that some of your prospects may have lost interest.

It’s important to remember that email marketing is not solely about growing your email list and sending calculated messages to people every other day. It’s about building a1relationship based on trust and responding to their needs through your content.

This is why you need to get personal in your marketing emails.”

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