Finding new freelance work is a top priority for freelancers everywhere.

There are more traditional methods such as referrals and cold calls and as technology increases, freelancers are adapting and developing newer methods of finding clients.

Social media is a great way to take a more casual approach to reaching out to new clients.

5. Twitter

Twitter is how I found one of my best clients in late 2008. Or rather, she found me.

You can attract clients by connecting with your ideal clients on Twitter and posting content you think they would be interested in. Keep an eye out when they post questions, and chime in with your (intelligent, remarkable, mind-blowing) replies.

I have a private Twitter list called “Awesome Companies.” This is how I keep track of what my ideal clients are posting on Twitter, what gets their attention, and who they interact with. They also post opportunities on their Twitter accounts, so you’d want to be on top of that.”

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