Productivity is the key to success as a freelancer.

However, mastering the art of being productive is much easier said than done.

One surefire way to boost your freelance productivity is to plan ahead. At the end of the day, write down what you need to do the following day.

Planning ahead is only half of the battle though. To ensure that you stay productive, you actually need to stick to your plan.

2. Plan your work, work your plan

I love this phrase. It stresses the importance both of setting those big, lofty goals, and of then breaking them down into small, bite-sized, attainable steps. Once you’ve figured out how to manage your life, you need to be ruthless and unyielding in doing it: Make productivity a daily habit.

If you’re techie who wants to use mobile or desktop apps to save ideas and sync your task lists and calendar items, Wunderlist is a fantastic cross-platform task management system. All modern smartphones have a calendar and an easy-to-use reminder or task list app onboard.

If you’re more of a pen-and-paper person, there’s nothing wrong with a dedicated planning folio or simple steno pad.”

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