How many of you have heard of Amazon?

I’m going to assume the majority of you have. I’m also going to assume most of you are signed up with Amazon and receive their emails.

Have you ever looked at their emails? I mean really looked at them.

They’re pretty good, and most importantly, they work.

What does Amazon do that makes their emails so great?

Bidsketch has taken an in-depth look at what Amazon is doing that works so well and breaks it down into 5 different tactics that you can use.

One thing Amazon does well is create a sense of urgency; something that you need to buy right now! I’ve actually included a headline from one of their emails below.

“One Day Only: Up to 65% Off Lenmar Portable Batteries & Chargers”

See what they did there? I only had one day to get the deal. I received the email in the morning, which means if I don’t act right then, I’d probably forget and miss out.

Here’s what Bidsketch has to say.

“Amazon does this all the time. It seems like the company is always offering some limited time deal or holiday special.

Some of their messages even include a timer that counts down until the expiration of the offer. You don’t have to go to those extremes, but by creating offers that expire, you will create a sense of urgency among your clientele and potentially increase profits and email conversions. If your prospects think your product or service will be around forever, they will not be motivated to buy and take advantage of the quality and value you can provide.”

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