This is an amazing article by Creative Live that everyone needs to read.

When freelancing, it can be easy to get off balance trying to manage your business and your personal life.

I know that I’m terrible at balancing the two and unfortunately when push comes to shove, I choose work over myself.

However, after reading this article, I’m motivated to find a better work-life balance and I encourage you to do the same.

If you always get the feeling that you’re forgetting something, you’re work-life balance might be off.

You feel like you’re always forgetting something.

Does it feel as though there’s always something — but you’re not quite sure what — lingering in the back of your mind that you’re forgotten? Do you feel guilty about how you’re spending your time, no matter how you’re spending it?

This sign and these emotions aren’t invalid, and you shouldn’t ignore them. They just indicate that, says Tamara, “you don’t have a good system in place.”

“Having a system means you don’t need to make constant decisions,” Tamara explains, which means, in the long run, you can essentially automate and simplify much of your life.”

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