June 2015

25 sites for freelancers to find the best remote jobs

When thinking of all of the benefits that go hand in hand with freelancing, one word continuously comes to mind: flexibility. The flexibility of the hours you work. The flexibility of the type of work you take on. The flexibility… Continue Reading →

Understanding why your freelance proposal gets rejected

It’s hard to tell exactly why some proposals get rejected. Maybe the client decided to go with someone else, maybe they don’t have sufficient funding, or maybe they lost interest altogether. While you may not be able to pinpoint the… Continue Reading →

6 things freelancers should do after every pitch

So you’ve just finished the “perfect” pitch. After meticulously pouring over the details, double and triple checking your work for any errors, and making sure that your headline is spot-on, you send off your pitch. Then you wait… And wait… Continue Reading →

The complete guide to fearless freelancing

In order to have a successful freelancing business, you need to overcome many of the fears that are commonly associated with freelancing. By not letting fear dictate your actions, you’ll be prone to take more risks which many times, means… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should always be following up with clients

If you aren’t making it a point to follow up with clients after initial contact, then you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. The ’National Sales Executive Association’ says that: 48% of sales people never follow up… Continue Reading →

The best freelance client experiences start before you meet

When you initially speak with a new client, is that the first time they’ve heard of you? I sure hope not. In order to land clients, you need to have a pre-established sense of trust. When people reach out to… Continue Reading →

Land new freelance clients with facebook ads

About a year and a half ago, I attempted to use Facebook ads to promote and sell a product I had created. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I felt that I could spend just enough… Continue Reading →

How freelancers should handle working for a friend.

Working for a friend can be a difficult task. How exactly do you navigate payment terms? Should you charge them? Should do just do them a favor? What if they’re a bad client? When working for a friend, it’s extremely… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should only plan ahead 90 days

When starting your freelance business, most of you probably made something along the lines of a one-year-plan. It might have been extremely detailed or it just might have been a few notes on where you wanted to be in one… Continue Reading →

6 habits that will boost your freelance productivity

Productivity is the key to success as a freelancer. However, mastering the art of being productive is much easier said than done. One surefire way to boost your freelance productivity is to plan ahead. At the end of the day,… Continue Reading →

5 traits that tell you it’s time to start your freelance business

Sometimes you just know that it’s the right time to start your freelance business. Other times, you may need a little push to get going. Luckily, there are a few key characteristic traits that will help you determine if it’s… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should be researching their competition

You’ve just landed a new project. What’s the first thing that you do? More likely than not, your answer is “Research.” In order to create a highly effective project, you need to fully understand your target audience and their needs…. Continue Reading →

How to win more clients with a solid freelance proposal

Writing a freelance proposal can be extremely scary. When sending your first proposal, there a tons of questions that run through your mind. What if the client doesn’t like it? What if they say no? What if I mess up?… Continue Reading →

5 ways freelancers can dominate email marketing (just like Amazon)

How many of you have heard of Amazon? I’m going to assume the majority of you have. I’m also going to assume most of you are signed up with Amazon and receive their emails. Have you ever looked at their… Continue Reading →

Should you set up your freelance business as an LLC?

When I initially set up my freelance business, I filed as a Sole Proprietor. Why? Honestly, because it was the cheapest option. I (slightly) knew the differences between an LLC and a Sole Proprietor, but I didn’t want to spend… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers shouldn’t worry what their client can afford

Simply put, if freelancers want to make a living, you need clients who can pay your rates. So you’d think that you should be worried about what potential clients can afford, right? Wrong. “What people can afford is entirely subjective…. Continue Reading →

The collective legal guide for freelance designers

I’m a firm believer in using a contract for any and all freelance work. Actually writing a successful contract, takes a lot of hard work and often times, many freelancers don’t know where to start. Luckily, Smashing Magazine has put… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should always make time for learning

As creatives, we need to be constantly learning new things. You should be pushing yourself a little farther each day, stretching your creative boundaries. Learning new skills not only has the practical benefits of gaining the knowledge associated with that skill,… Continue Reading →

7 ways to find freelance work

Finding new freelance work is a top priority for freelancers everywhere. There are more traditional methods such as referrals and cold calls and as technology increases, freelancers are adapting and developing newer methods of finding clients. Social media is a… Continue Reading →

How to fire your freelance client

Firing a client is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes it must be done. The first step to firing a client is to determine if what they’ve done actually warrants a firing. Once you’ve made the decision that… Continue Reading →

3 signs you’re freelance work-life balance is off

This is an amazing article by Creative Live that everyone needs to read. When freelancing, it can be easy to get off balance trying to manage your business and your personal life. I know that I’m terrible at balancing the… Continue Reading →

How to reel in cold freelance clients

Having a potential client get cold feet can be extremely frustrating. You put in a lot of work talking with them about their needs, send a few emails back and forth, and begin to prepare a proposal when all of… Continue Reading →

7 ways freelancers can save on startup costs

When starting a freelance business, there can potentially be a lot of upfront costs. Luckily, most freelancers work from home which saves a large amount of money that would normally be spent on renting office space. There are other essential… Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers

It is near impossible to run a successful freelance business without being organized and having amazing project management skills. Fortunately, there are lots of tools out there to help you stay on top of every project. However, with so many… Continue Reading →

Why you shouldn’t feel bad about your freelance rates

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who was looking for a logo and business card design. As I spoke with them, a few red flags came up so I curiously asked “What is your budget for this project?”… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Freelance While Working Full-Time (and How to Do it)

It’s difficult to navigate the waters of transitioning into freelancing. Many people want to just dive right in, however trying to build a solid freelance business without a steady income can cause your ship to quickly start sinking. The best way… Continue Reading →

How to land your first 3 freelance clients

When you first start freelancing, finding those initial clients can be tough. There are hundreds of questions that run through your mind: How do I find clients? How do I have clients find me? And so many more. One important… Continue Reading →

The complete guide to writing brilliant freelance contracts

Over the past few years of freelancing, I’ve worked without a contract once (for a family friend.) A contract not only protects you, but it also provides solid guidelines for the project. It clearly outlines what is expected of both… Continue Reading →

The 3 biggest time management traps for freelancers

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the majority of us have a lot of room for improvement in the time management category. You know the feeling: The end of the day is coming up fast and as you look at… Continue Reading →

The ultimate freelance proposal toolkit

Writing project proposals can be very difficult. Many times, the hardest part is determining exactly where you should start. Because of this, it’s common to look for free templates around the web, but a lot of the templates still do… Continue Reading →

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