Freelancers, of all different experience levels, seem to have a process that they use to find clients.

However, many freelancers find themselves in a position where they do not have any new work, even though they are constantly looking.

“Your pipeline isn’t the problem; your process is”

Some processes work better than others, but many of them are fundamentally broken.

Fizzle has a fantastic post that will help you identify any broken parts of your process, and then show you how you can fix it. Doing so will help you start landing clients immediately.

“Your process is broken for at least three reasons:

1. It distracts you from the work you’ve already won. If you’re taking a break every hour to prospect for new work, then you’re tanking your productivity. No matter how well you think you multi-task, the research simply disagrees.

2. It increases the lead time of your projects. The prospecting doom loop for finding and pitching work is so inefficient that it’s probably adding an hour (maybe more) to the start of each of your projects.

3. It takes you longer to get paid. Every hour spent prospecting is another hour you’re not being paid. The longer it takes you to get paid, the lower your profit margins on each hour you work.”

Find out how you can fix your system and start landing clients at Fizzle.