One of my favorite aspects of freelancing is that you have the ability to choose what you want to work on. If you’re not really into a certain project, then you have to option to pass on it.

While you may not fully enjoy every single project you do, it is still important that you try to find work that you do love.

However, you still have bills that need to be paid and sometimes, you might have to take on a project or two that you’re not in love with.

Do You Want a Business…or a Hobby?

Now, if you want to keep writing as a fun hobby that you do for pin money…sure, focus on writing about beading or breeding potbellied pigs, where paying markets are few and far between. Or keep pitching only those markets that are super competitive and tough to crack as a newbie, like travel, food, or entertainment.

But if you want to make a business out of writing, here’s the hard news: Sometimes you have to write about topics that don’t particularly light your fire, just to put food on the table.

I love writing about health and nutrition, and I have indeed done a lot of that — but not enough for it to make up a good full-time income on its own.”

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