If you’ve been freelancing for anytime at all, you’ve most likely had a project or two that you’ve struggled to be creative with.

Your first go at it seems to drag on with no avail, but you continue to push for a solution. Eventually one might come, but it just doesn’t feel as great as it should.

We all strive to think more creatively, but it seems like the harder you actually try to be creative, the less true it becomes.

However, there’s one trick that you should be using that will boost your creative process. It’s something so simple that it often gets overlooked.

What’s the one trick? Incubation.

“’Often when one works at a hard question, nothing good is accomplished at the first attack,” Poincaré wrote in The Foundations of Science (via Brain Pickings). “Then one takes a rest, longer or shorter, and sits down anew to the work. During the first half-hour, as before, nothing is found, and then all of a sudden the decisive idea presents itself to the mind. It might be said that the conscious work has been more fruitful because it has been interrupted and the rest has given back to the mind its force and freshness.’ Creativity researchers have a name for this period of intentional interruption from a tough mental task: incubation.”

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