Almost all freelancers create some variation of a project brief with their speaking with a client about a potential project. Whether that brief is 10 pages full of every little detail, or some basic notes scribbled in a sketchbook, it’s important to have a brief in one form or another.

The types of questions that you ask before you start a project can have a huge impact on your brief, which can directly impact the project itself. You want to make sure that you’re asking the right kinds of questions so that you can leave knowing that you’ve got all of the information you could possibly need.

Work Made for Hire has a fantastic guide that will help you ask the right questions so you have everything you’ll need to create great work. Some of the most important questions that you can ask are discovery questions.

Types of Discovery Questions

Discovery questions can either be direct or open ended. Both types can be valuable, but they shouldn’t be used haphazardly.

Direct discovery questions are best when you need facts.

“What’s your budget for this project?”

“Who signs off on invoices and expenses?”

“When is your deadline?”

Open ended questions are better used when you need to understand how a process works or you’re trying to better understand the cultural norms or preferences within an organization.

“Can you tell me more about how the approval process works within your company?”

“How will you know if this project is successful?”

“What problem or issue will this project help you address?””

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