May 2015

How you should prepare for freelance client negotiations

Many freelancers take a somewhat fearful approach to negotiating with freelance clients. Whether it’s because they believe that they won’t come out on top, or because they feel that the client will leave, it’s important that you see negotiations as… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Writing Case Studies That Drive New Client Work

It’s important to always remember that you’re not just a freelancer; you’re an expert. Clients come to you seeking expertise in an area, and you’re there to provide it to them. However, you can only talk about being an expert… Continue Reading →

A 9-step guide to attracting top-notch freelance clients

Bad clients are never any fun. Unfortunately, you are bound to have at least a few of them during your freelancing career. Often times, you can spot a bad client early on. They might be trying to pay you a… Continue Reading →

5 tips for estimating your time spent on freelance projects

Estimating the amount of time a project will take is an extremely hard skill to master. Sure, you’ve got time logs from previous projects that are similar, but it is still difficult to estimate the time for a new projects…. Continue Reading →

3 easy ways to link to your freelance services

Providing links to your products or services from your newsletter or blog is truly a delicate art. Too many links and it will start to look like spam. Too few of links and you’re not promoting yourself enough. However, walking… Continue Reading →

5 lessons my mother taught me about success

In honor of Mother’s Day and all of the amazing mothers in the world, I felt that this amazing article from Inc was extremely fitting. Success is something that doesn’t come easy. That’s why it’s particularly important to be resourceful…. Continue Reading →

6 key strategies to instantly boost your freelance business

It’s important that clients fully understand the value of your services and what they can do to increase the client’s business. Instead of just telling them what you do, explain how what you do makes a difference. Talk to them… Continue Reading →

12 productivity tips for freelancers

Working at home by yourself day after day can be a recipe for disaster. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. As freelancers, we are the only ones accountable for how much we can get done in any given day. Taking… Continue Reading →

How to sell your freelance services (even if you hate selling)

When you hear the word “salesperson,” what comes to mind? Do you picture a sleazy looking guy with greasy hair and a trench coat constantly knocking on your door to sell you a vacuum? Or do you think of a… Continue Reading →

How you can make more money as a freelancer

Too often freelancers find themselves worrying about finding more clients, charging more, or taking on larger projects in order to increase their income. While those are all possible ways of bringing in more cash, sometimes all it takes are just… Continue Reading →

The secret formula you need to know for a successful freelance business

We all strive to run a successful freelance business. Several freelancers achieve that goal, but there are also many freelancers who don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a formula that you could follow that would tell you exactly… Continue Reading →

5 tips for starting your freelance business right now!

When I first thought about freelancing, I told myself I needed to do my research before I began. I sat down and read every article I could find, talked with my mentor about freelancing, and tried to learn everything I… Continue Reading →

How transparent should your freelance rates be?

To list or to not list your rates? That is the age old freelancing question. Some freelancers feel that it’s necessary to list their rates on their website. Doing so allows potential clients to get an good idea of what… Continue Reading →

How passive income can change your freelance business for the better

When I first started freelancing, I thought that was the only way that I could make money. I had the mindset that because I was a freelancer, I was only able to make money doing freelance work. It wasn’t until… Continue Reading →

Why chasing after clients could be killing your freelance business

One of the most common questions freelancers ask is “How do I find clients?” After all, it seems like a pretty logical question to ask. Clients are the ones who provide the work, and doing the work is what pays… Continue Reading →

5 tips for effective budgeting freelancers need to hear

Due to the nature of freelancing, you will have some months where you’re so overloaded with work it feels like it’ll never end, and then you’ll have other months when you’re wondering if you’ll be able to pay your bills…. Continue Reading →

10 tips to become a successful freelancer

As the benefits of freelancing become better known, more and more people are stepping away from their corporate jobs to pursue a freelance career. The rising popularity of freelancing means that there are more people in the market now than… Continue Reading →

How to take the fear out of freelance client meetings

Sometimes, we just feel nervous going into client meetings. Whether if it’s a new client, or one you’ve met with plenty of times, fear can creep up on you out of nowhere. It’s important to not let the fear control… Continue Reading →

This one simple tip will help you get creative projects done.

We all have a creative project that we try to work on when we have time. For some of us, it might be a book or e-book, for others it could be print series or even a tutorial. Whatever you’re… Continue Reading →

The questions you should be asking before each freelance project

Almost all freelancers create some variation of a project brief with their speaking with a client about a potential project. Whether that brief is 10 pages full of every little detail, or some basic notes scribbled in a sketchbook, it’s… Continue Reading →

How to make sure you have freelance clients (and income) all year-round

Has it happened to you before? I know it’s happened to me, more than I like to admit. Freelancing is going great, you’re as busy as can be creating awesome work for amazing clients, everything is smooth sailing, but then… Continue Reading →

How you can use email to generate passive freelance income

People love free stuff. There’s just something in us that can’t help but grab something if it’s free. Think about it. If you’re at a sports game, tradeshow, or some other event and there’s a table with some free shirts… Continue Reading →

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