You sit down to work on a project. 5 minutes later, you’re no farther than when you started. You continue to try and push through until you notice half an hour has gone by.

You try to think, to come up with something, but your mind is blank. You feel tired and just out of it. As hard as you try, you still come up with nothing.

Freelance burnout can be detrimental to yourself and your business. Although it’s not necessarily easy to overcome, it can definitely be beaten.

Guerrilla Freelancing has a great article that will help you deal with your freelance burnout and get back to normal.

One of the best ways that you can deal with burnout is by stepping away from the screen and completely unplugging.

“Disconnect. Go off the grid.

Technology has become such a huge part of our lives it’s ironically organic at this point.

Logging off, tuning out, and not being part of the constant bombardment of information online feels intuitively wrong, like we are somehow missing out on life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Go outside and turn your face to the sun.

Take a walk. Go to the park. Do whatever you need to do to get outside your own head.

If temptation of using technologies is more than you can handle try one of the apps designed to unplug you.

The app Offtime for example helps you easily turn out all the distractions, blocking apps, calls, texts, and emails.

It may even autorespond messages and choose the calls you would like to get anyway. Apps like Self-Control, Cold Turkey and similar will give you freedom from your best friend and enemy – Internet.”

See the entire article at Guerrilla Freelancing.