We all need to take a vacation at some point. Regardless of if you travel halfway around the world or decide to camp out in your backyard, the important thing is that you set aside time to unplug, unwind, and relax.

However, saying “I’m going to take a vacation” is a lot easier said than done.

In order to take a “real” vacation, one that involves you doing no work at all, you need to plan ahead.

“Give in to the fact that the weeks leading up to your vacation might be hellish as you try to finish any existing projects and meet deadlines early. Just picture yourself relaxing on a beach with your phone nowhere in sight, and keep telling yourself it’ll be worth it.

Attempt to set boundaries by alerting your clients ahead of time that you’ll be going on vacation and will have limited access to email. As a courtesy, ask them if there’s anything they’ll need done beforehand… and get it done.

Then hopefully, they’ll respect the fact that everyone needs a break now and then, and hold off on bothering you, short of an emergency. Just make sure you set up your out of office message in case they forget.”

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