Due to the nature of freelancing, it can become incredibly easy to not have set hours.

If a client calls at 9 p.m. on a Friday night and you reluctantly answer, you’ve set a dangerous precedent about when they can reach you. (This will be subjective though; it will all depend on the length and nature of your relationship with said client.)

Having boundaries is important because it not only prevents you from getting calls late at night, but it also allows you to actually have some time away from work to refresh and recharge.

It’s impossible for freelancers to be always “on,” and because of that, having boundaries will help ensure that you don’t get burned out.

Boundaries keep freelancers sane (and tolerant!)

Being endlessly available to clients, being unflaggingly cheerful through round after round of unfettered, uncompensated edits – these things chip away at you. If you consistently live according to the client’s needs and not your own, you will inevitably become resentful and overstressed. Eventually, you will burn out. You will lash out at your client, you will implode, or you will quit. Don’t do this.

Healthy boundaries help keep YOU, the freelancer, sane and happy – even if the work itself is stressful. Being able to step away also helps you to keep your cool when inevitable crises arrive – and you’ll be more patient with fractious clients if you know they can’t reach you after 7 PM.”

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