The majority of us started freelancing because it really is what we love to do, but the reality is that we still need to make money while doing it.

The value that you propose to potential clients has a huge impact on whether they choose to hire you or not. You’re not the only freelancer out there, so determining what sets you apart from everyone else is crucial to getting more clients and making more money.

Simply put, you need to know what your value proposition is and how to properly convey it.

“In the freelancing world, you are most likely not going to be alone in the services you offer.  I can almost guarantee that one.  If you do have a unique service, then you might want to consider creating a full time business off of it.  That is only if you have a great value proposition.  This statement is to define why your service should be picked above all others.  Why would your service be any better?  What makes your service special?  These are  a few things that you need to answer when you come up with your value proposition.  Do you charge less, yet deliver more?  Do you just kick ass in general and you should be paid for it?  Before you become a freelancer, you need to understand your value proposition.”

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