You’ve all probably heard the saying, “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.”

For freelancing, that couldn’t be truer. You want to make sure that you’re diversifying your income so that if one project fails, you’ve got something else to fall back on.

Having a diversified income not only provides you with a safety net, it also allows you to branch out for your normal day-to-day activities and increase your skill-set, thus making your more marketable.

However, figuring out exactly how you can do that can be a bit of a challenge.

That’s why I love this list from American Writers & Artists Inc. They’ve put together a list of 8 straightforward methods that you can use today to start diversifying your income.

Method #4 is one of my favorites.

4. Start your own e-newsletter so clients come to you.

An e-newsletter related to your writing niche is easy to create and email out to your clients and potential clients. This keeps you in their minds as someone who can provide services they’re likely to need.

Plus, e-newsletters are a service you can offer to diversify your income. And, because clients will want to send an e-newsletter at least once a month, you’ll have steady income you can count on.

E-newsletters are one of the best marketing tools for businesses all over the world – big or small. This means anyone selling anything (including writing services) can use an e-newsletter to make clients come to them.”

Check out the full article here.