$4 doesn’t sound like all that much. It’s about the cost of a cup of coffee. But what if you’re spending that $4 every single day on coffee? Or what if you spend $4 every day on a small snack? Or a couple sodas?

Let’s do the math and see what that adds up to.

$4/day x 7 days = $28/week.

$28/week x 52 weeks = $1456

Wow! That adds up to be quite a bit. So what would it look like if you took that $4 you normally spend daily and invest it into your business?

How fast would your business grow? How could you be using that money to build your business right now?

Millo has 8 amazing answers to that question. #5 is definitely one I’ll be doing.

5. Upgrade your brand (and brand material)

With over $100 every month, take a month and upgrade your branded materials. Invest in some new business cards to take to networking events, outsource those tweaks to your web site that you’ve been planning for months but can’t seem to find the time.

You could even get something made for your top clients. An unexpected gift like a coffee mug (don’t you love the irony) or a t-shirt can offer a “surprise and delight” moment that your client wasn’t expecting.”

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