Landing new freelance work can be extremely difficult. There are times when the work just seems to fall into your lap, and then there are others when it feels like you’ll never get another job again.

There are some common reasons that many freelances can’t land new work. Being able to identify those reasons allows you to make adjustments to yourself and your business so that the new work can start flowing once again.

One of the reasons that you’re not landing new freelance work could be because you’re simply not putting yourself out there.

3. You aren’t putting yourself out there enough

Calling yourself a freelancer, putting your portfolio online, and reaching out to potential clients won’t be enough for you to find a steady amount of work.

There are many ways you can find clients, but clients can also find you. Are you doing everything you can to put your name and freelance business out there?

Try and get your name and website on as many sites as you can. This can be done very easily—Start commenting on the articles you read, guest post on an established blogs about a topic you have an opinion on, interact on social media, and add your services to online directories. The more external links you can create for yourself, the better. This will help increase traffic to your website and help boost your site’s ranking on search engines.”

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