As creatives, we are always observing the world around us. We have a different perspective and commonly see what others don’t.

As freelance business owners, we must continue to observe our surroundings as they can relate to business, just as we do creatively.

Inspiration and business tips can come at the most unsuspecting moments, but it’s in those moments that you can learn the most. In those moments, you can gain a unique understanding of business that very few others will have.

Millo has a fantastic article that does just that. After going to a new barber, Preston is able to take what he’s observed about the experience and relate it to 5 learnable lessons that all freelancers need to hear.

Lesson 1 is extremely important and is often overlooked.

““Cosmetologists,” he said, “do all sorts of work. They paint nails, they perm hair, they give pedicures. And, even though barbers used to do all of that sort of thing and more (did you know barbers used to perform dental surgery!?), now we focus exclusively on cutting hair.”

He then went on to explain to me that he was likely far more passionate about my haircut than any cosmetologist since most cosmetologists have a passion for manicures, pedicures, hair-dying, etc.

It was obvious he was very passionate about barbering.

Lesson #1: Be entirely passionate and dedicated to what you do. Narrow your focus and become really great at the one thing you love the most.

See the other 4 lessons at Millo.