We all have those clients who we would absolutely love to work for. I’m talking about those clients that when someone asks “What would be a dream come true for your business?” your answer is that client.

Could your dream freelance client be a lot closer than you think? Could that dream actually become a reality?

It’s definitely possible.

Fizzle has a 5 step guide that will help you land your dream client and it all starts with the 10-10-10 strategy.

Step 1: Write down 10 people, 10 projects and 10 companies you want to work with. I have people at all levels on my list. “Salesforce.Com” is there, and so is “Clicky,” a Portland company.

Who are 10 people you’d like to work with? Maybe they wrote a book you loved, did an interview you’ve heard, gave a TED talk, are a leader in a company you admire, etc. Currently on my “10 People” list I have both Guy Kawasaki and Jon Stewart listed as people I would really like to work with.

What about companies? You want to work with people leading their field and at the center of their culture. They generally attract a high caliber of person. On my list this year was Hachette Book Group — the big publisher we haven’t worked with yet.”

See the other 4 steps at Fizzle.