Making sure that your clients are happy is an extremely important part of freelancing.

A happy client will lead to referrals and will want to do more business with you. A happy client makes a happy freelancer.

While you won’t be able to please everyone, there are 3 simple things that you can do to keep your clients happy.

All freelancers need to be flexible and know when to choose their battles. However, if a client is asking you to do something that you strongly feel would hurt their business, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Clearly explain your reservations about their decision in a respectful way.

If a client is doesn’t budge, then you should be flexible with what changes you will make.

“#1: Be Flexible

There is nothing worse than chatting to a client and commencing a working relationship and then digging your heels in because you don’t like what they are suggesting when it comes to changes. You know what I’m talking about…

Bloody hell, Jeff is suggesting that I reword this sentence, what the hell does he pay me for? I’m the expert!

If this is the sort of inner dialog that’s going on inside your head when a client suggests changes, then we’ve got a problem Houston!

This one’s a little about mindset and a little about being able to take constructive criticism, and come on — who know’s the client’s business best… you or them?!

So pull your head out of your ass and listen for a change. Instead of thinking they are trying to tell you what to do, instead be open to their feedback and incorporate their changes… be the hero, not the villain and you’ll ensure that you’re working relationship stays intact AND you’ll have recommendations coming out left, right and centre!”

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