It is impossible to freelance without ever having a bad client Sooner or later, it will happen; there’s simply no way around it. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself as much as possible so that when it finally does happen, you won’t have to scramble to find a solution.

Outsourced Freelancing Success offers some great advice on how you can handle a bad client. They cover 3 of the most common situations and provide solutions that you can use if it happens.

When Clients Go Silent

This can happen a lot if you don’t have some checks and balances in place…

Once upon a time there was this bright eyed and bushy tailed website designer. He was the type of guy that smiled all the time, to the point where you wondered what was really going on behind the smile…

He had been working as a freelance website designer for 3 months when it happened. This particular project started out as most others, he put his bid in on the job, the client interviewed him and accepted his proposal. Work commenced.

On this project, he was asked to create a website from scratch, based on the clients brief, with images and content provided. The project was scheduled and our website designer freelancer allocated 8 weeks to complete it.

This project was one that our freelancer was doing direct, ie, not using an outsourcing site. As he neared completion of the project, the client became less and less responsive. Website designer guy didn’t worry too much about this though, he was too focused on getting the job done by the agreed completion date.

The due date arrived and the website went live. Our freelancer waited for feedback from the client… 2 days passed, 4 days, 7 days… nothing from the client.

Our poor website designer was left in the dark, no payment in sight. He hung his head and scuffed himself off to bed, despondent and completely disheartened.

If only he had thought of the following solutions!”

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