Negotiations can be quite common for freelancers. We know what we want and what we need, and we don’t want to budge a whole lot when it comes to negotiating.

However, I would guess that the majority of freelancers (myself included) have made this one mistake when trying to work out a deal with a client.

You might be tired of talking, you might think you will not get what you want, or you might just think it’s not worth the time to continue to negotiate, so you give in and do the one thing you should never do when negotiating.

What is the mistake that the majority of freelancers make? Compromise.

A compromise is just a lazy way to get past an obstacle; it creates the illusion of progress in the absence of good communication.

“A negotiation is a process of identifying the value that each party needs and then creatively delivering it. That requires open communication, lots of asking, and a clear understanding of what’s valuable through the eyes of each party. I understand that there are times when compromise seems like the fastest route to a resolution (if you’ve been watching too many episodes of Pawn Stars you probably feel that way about every negotiation) but that does not mean it’s the best outcome. And, just to be clear, a compromise is giving away something that you need. Getting what you need (not necessarily what you want) is not a compromise. So, know what you need.”

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