We all need at least one high-paying client. While it is definitely necessary to diversify your income, having a client who pays really well usually means that they know the value of the work you create. They respect you as an expert in your field and trust that you will create the right material for them. Plus, they pay really well, which never hurts.

However, high-paying clients don’t just materialize out of thin air, it takes hard work to get them. The good news is that you’ve got exactly what it takes to land that client. It’s important to not undervalue yourself or your services.

Bidsketch has an amazing 4-step method that will get you in front of clients and allow you to land that high-paying one you’ve wanted. By putting yourself in the clients shoes, you allow yourself to see where they’re looking for people like you, and then put yourself in their crosshairs.

“1. My specific customer is someone with this problem: _________.

2. My prospective customer spends time researching the problem / solutions in these 3 places:

3. One way I can break in to one of the places above: _________.

4. My persuasive pitch in an email to them: __________.”

Now that you’ve got the blanks above filled in, head on over to Bidsketch for the full article and see how you can put the above information into action. Check out the rest of the article here.