When it comes to your freelance business, your reputation is everything. No one is going to look for a freelancer known to deliver shoddy work weeks after a deadline. Clients are looking for someone who has proven themselves, who is a joy to work with, and who provides top-notch work every time.

Because the majority of freelance work comes from referrals, it makes having a good reputation crucial to the life of a freelance business. In order to have a good reputation, you need to build it first.

Whether it’s a current client or a potential one, everyone will be watching as you build your reputation. It’s important to always be at your best so that as your reputation grows, it always shines.

But how can you go about building a great reputation? Freelancers Union gives us 3 good tips to get started. Tip #1 may seem like a given, but there’s more to sharing your work then just putting it out for people to see. Only share your best work, explain your process, and talk about the problems you helped your client overcome. Most importantly though, you need to start sharing your work and show what you can do!

1. Share your results

A freelancer’s past performance is actually a pretty good guarantee of future results — which is why portfolios are so powerful.

“Clients want to be impressed by the quality of your work,” Xavier says. “Your portfolio, a successfully executed piece of work — anything you can point to and be proud of — this is tangible proof of what you can do.”

He recommends building a simple website that lists your background, services, and contact information. As your good reputation grows as a freelancer, so will your visibility and you’ll have a space to showcase your work.  After each project, it’s important to watch out for items that can be incorporated into your portfolio.”

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