When someone asks, “What do you do?” your answer should be one that makes them want to know more. They shouldn’t want to know more because your answer was unclear, but because they’re intrigued by it.

Having an elevator pitch that people will remember is extremely important.

Freelancers Union shows us a great example of an intriguing elevator pitch, then offers some good tips on how you can make yours unique too.

“We met an artist at an opening. She had recently moved to New York from Florida, so we were discussing that, since it’s a big life move. Sarah, our new acquaintance, impressed us when we asked her, “What kind of work do you make?” And she answered, “I am a sculptor who makes works from recycled materials, especially those small plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in.”

Immediately, we were intrigued, asked her more questions about her work, and made it a point to look at her website the next day. Had she just said, “I am a sculptor” the conversation might have drifted off to more social things, or perhaps ended. So, the point here is to be very specific because each and every one of us is incredibly unique.”

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