We all like to get paid. Unless it’s something you’ve actively chosen to do, working for free isn’t much fun. However, due to the nature of freelancing, it can be difficult actually get paid 100% of the time.

Sometimes clients disappear, sometimes they run out of money, or sometimes they just flat out refuse to pay. Whatever the case, Double Your Freelancing has an incredible guide to help you get paid for your freelance work.

One of the simplest ways to avoid walking away empty handed is to get a deposit.

Always get a deposit

Before starting work on any project, get a deposit payment — especially when working with a new client. As we’ll discuss shortly, it’s really important to set the precedent that if you’re not paid, you don’t work.

I see many freelancers, especially those new to the profession, who don’t do this. Either it never occurred to them, or — more likely — they don’t want to “rock the boat” and make demands that could jeopardize the new relationship they have with their client.

But just about every professional services company requires some sort of downpayment as a way to ensure that someone’s serious and able to pay.”

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