Regardless of if you’re a freelance writer, designer, web developer, etc., creative block can come at the worst times. I’ve previously shared several articles on how you can beat creative block, but wouldn’t it be better to not have to face it altogether?

For myself, creative block often comes when I see my deadline fast approaching. It’s important that you allow yourself enough time to work on a project so that you are not in a dead rush to complete it (which is where a lot of mistakes are made), but also so that you can allow an idea to percolate.

Leaving work behind outlines 6 great steps that you can follow to keep your freelance work coming. Step #2 is definitely one we should all follow.

2. Percolate on the Idea

It’s rare for me to come up with a new idea and sit down and write it immediately. It’s not impossible or completely unheard of; it’s just not how I typically work.

Instead, I’ll often start with a fresh Google doc and have the title and description listed. I find that my mind works best when I sit on a post idea for a few days before writing it – especially for a new client.

My mind sort of works on it subconsciously in the background and I’ll think up different opening lines, outline points, etc. This works great when it’s time to write, as my brain has usually figured out which angle I’d like to take on the piece.”

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