There are los of methods for generating new leads. Some work better than others, but the important thing is that you continue to try. Unless you have a solid client base built up that provides work on a consistent basis, you are going to want to always be on the lookout for new clients.

One method that is proven NOT to work is to expect the clients to find you. Most of us are guilty of doing it; we design our website, put our work on the internet, sit back and wait for the calls to come in. The only problem is that 99% of the time, the phone doesn’t ring.

I receive the majority of my work through referrals. Some of the best advertising I’ve gotten is through word of mouth.

Double Your Freelancing has some unique tips that you can use to generate new leads. I especially like the focus on referrals.

Get them involved

Hold a contest or do a giveaway!

One example of this is to hold a tell-a-friend contest, where the customer who generates the most referrals (paid or trial, that’s up to you) within a designated time period wins a prize. Make the prize relevant to your customers’ interests as well as worth the effort.

You can use many variations of this to keep your clients/potential clients engaged. Another idea along this line may be to provide some free advice on your blog, and reward the person that implements it the most effectively.”

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