We’ve all been there. You get a call from a potential client, ask a few basic questions, and set up a time to meet. You’ll spend a bit of time doing some preliminary research and preparing for the meeting, then you spend time talking with the client. After the meeting, you prepare a quote, send it right over to the client, and then the project stalls.

You reach out to them again, but still nothing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to avoid this situation all together? You’re in luck, because there is.

Graphic Design Blender has written an absolutely amazing article to help you weed out the bad clients early on so you can spend more time working with clients who are ready to work.

All that you need to do is ask these 5 questions.

“1. What prompted the project?

2. Who are the decision makers?

3. Can you give me a ballpark budget?

4. When will you be ready to start?

5. Who else are you talking to?”

Get in depth examples of how you should handle each question and read the entire article at Graphic Design Blender.