As creatives, brainstorming is something we all do daily. It’s engrained in our freelance business, and our DNA. Sometimes though, the ideas don’t flow quite as steadily as we’d like.

That’s why Creative Live has gathered 4 brainstorming tools that are a must have in your creative arsenal. The first tool mentioned, Wunderlist, is an excellent and simple way to start brainstorming. Never underestimate the power of a list!

When I was in school, they would have us create a minimum of 100 different thumbnails for a logo, or a list of 100 different names for a product. Oftentimes, your first idea isn’t your best. The first idea is also the most common, and therefore, doesn’t set your apart. Only as you really challenge yourself to think from different angles do the best ideas come.

Using a list to write out 100 ideas is great because usually around #40 or so, you start to struggle to come up with more. At that point is where the best ideas are formed.


Before we get into the complicated world of mind mapping, let’s start with a simple tool: the list. Experts say if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, take out a piece of paper and make a long list of all of the possibilities. Often the ideas will start getting better as you go. With Wunderlist, you can start entering ideas in basic list format on your smartphone or tablet and access them later. You can even save your ideas for each project into separate folders in case you ever need to review them later. Best of all, Wunderlist is free.”

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