April 2015

20 websites freelancers can’t afford to miss

The internet is a beautiful thing. No longer are freelancers limited to only finding work within their geographical areas. While a face-to-face interaction with a potential client will always be unmatched in terms of effectiveness, don’t underestimate the power of… Continue Reading →

5 ways freelancers can stand out among the crowd

The world is full of people. People similar to you and me. However, there is not a single person on this planet who is exactly like you. You’re unique and you provide a service in your own way that no… Continue Reading →

Struggling to find clients? Here’s how I built my business from nothing

Freelancing is an amazing path. You get to do the work you love. You can set your own hours and can work from home. You have the opportunity to work with all types of people. You can even pick and… Continue Reading →

5 tips beginning freelancers need to know

When you first start out freelancing, it’s an extremely scary process. How much should you charge? How will people find you? Will someone actually pay you to work? Those questions and more were all things that constantly ran through my… Continue Reading →

What should you do if your freelance work dries up?

It’s a terrible feeling when you realize that your work is drying up. Maybe you wanted to slow down for a bit, but things are getting too slow. Maybe you’ve been trying to put yourself out there, but no one… Continue Reading →

5 Questions you should ask to weed out bad clients early on

We’ve all been there. You get a call from a potential client, ask a few basic questions, and set up a time to meet. You’ll spend a bit of time doing some preliminary research and preparing for the meeting, then… Continue Reading →

How to build a great reputation and get more freelance work

When it comes to your freelance business, your reputation is everything. No one is going to look for a freelancer known to deliver shoddy work weeks after a deadline. Clients are looking for someone who has proven themselves, who is… Continue Reading →

4 must-use tools for brainstorming your next freelance project

As creatives, brainstorming is something we all do daily. It’s engrained in our freelance business, and our DNA. Sometimes though, the ideas don’t flow quite as steadily as we’d like. That’s why Creative Live has gathered 4 brainstorming tools that… Continue Reading →

How you can land a high-paying freelance client in 2 weeks

We all need at least one high-paying client. While it is definitely necessary to diversify your income, having a client who pays really well usually means that they know the value of the work you create. They respect you as… Continue Reading →

What you can do about bad freelance clients

It is impossible to freelance without ever having a bad client Sooner or later, it will happen; there’s simply no way around it. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself as much as possible so that when it finally does… Continue Reading →

How to find the perfect freelance mentor

Having a good mentor is an invaluable resource. Regardless of if you’re in school or not, having someone who can teach and give you feedback will help you grow tremendously as a freelancer. When I first began school, I was… Continue Reading →

5 unique tips for freelancers to generate new leads

There are los of methods for generating new leads. Some work better than others, but the important thing is that you continue to try. Unless you have a solid client base built up that provides work on a consistent basis,… Continue Reading →

7 techniques for a thriving freelance business

If you’re like me, you don’t just want an okay freelance business; you want an amazing one! Great businesses don’t build themselves; it takes a dedicated person with an idea who stops at nothing to make that idea a reality…. Continue Reading →

A definitive guide to getting paid as a freelancer

We all like to get paid. Unless it’s something you’ve actively chosen to do, working for free isn’t much fun. However, due to the nature of freelancing, it can be difficult actually get paid 100% of the time. Sometimes clients… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should be writing assumption-less proposals.

Many of us probably use the same rough outline when writing proposals. It probably goes something like: the project overview, what you’ll be doing, the time and cost, and some jargon about payments. However, there’s one key factor to writing… Continue Reading →

How freelancers should handle projects with an unclear scope

It can be frustrating and confusing when a client comes to you not knowing what they want. It takes time to assist them in finding the best solution for their business; but should you be charging them for that time?… Continue Reading →

When to stop taking on new freelance projects

As freelancers, we can become overloaded fairly easily. Maybe you’re trying to save up for a new piece of technology, or you have some extra time on your hands, or you could simply be trying to expand your portfolio, so… Continue Reading →

3 tips for freelancers to master monotasking

As creatives, we often find ourselves multitasking. Most of the time, it feels as if it’s necessary to multitask so that we’ll be able to get everything done. But there is a growing amount of evidence that suggests multitasking can… Continue Reading →

11 ways freelancers can make money

There are several different ways that freelancers can make money. The most common and obvious way is to sell your services. However, diversifying your income beyond your services can be a great way to keep the cash flowing each month,… Continue Reading →

Be remembered with a unique freelance elevator pitch

When someone asks, “What do you do?” your answer should be one that makes them want to know more. They shouldn’t want to know more because your answer was unclear, but because they’re intrigued by it. Having an elevator pitch… Continue Reading →

5 reasons why most freelancers fail

Everyone fails at some point in there life. Many of us fail continually. How you choose to respond to your failure is what determines the significance of that failure. If When you do fail, it’s important that you accept it, but… Continue Reading →

11 proven rules for freelance success

Success doesn’t come easy. It’s never handed to you and it doesn’t come overnight. Success takes hard work, dedication, and an unwillingness to give up. Ultimately, the only person who can determine your success is you. You have to take… Continue Reading →

How to tell your freelance client you need a deadline extension

You should always try your best to meet the deadlines that yourself and your clients have agreed upon. Doing so will help you not let work drag on and is sure to make your client happy. However, sometimes things just… Continue Reading →

6 steps to keep your freelance assignments flowing

Regardless of if you’re a freelance writer, designer, web developer, etc., creative block can come at the worst times. I’ve previously shared several articles on how you can beat creative block, but wouldn’t it be better to not have to… Continue Reading →

How saying “no” can get you more freelance gigs

People hate being told “no.” There’s just something about rejection that makes us want that “thing” more. When you get contacted about a new freelance gig, saying “no” might just be what you need to get more work. Last night,… Continue Reading →

7 things you can do to improve your freelance life right now!

Freelancing can be hard. It can be overwhelming. But it can also be incredibly freeing. It’s crucial to make sure that you enjoy what you are doing so that you’ll create the best work you possibly can. Creative Live has… Continue Reading →

4 tips for juggling multiple freelance clients

When you have several freelance clients, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You may be able to stay on top of everything, but there could be a more effective way of getting things done. It is important to stay… Continue Reading →

4 secrets to making your freelance clients stick for years

Having good clients who are in it for the long haul is a fantastic thing! However, a client will rarely hire you thinking you’ll work together for the next five years. Getting long-term clients isn’t something that is a given,… Continue Reading →

The one thing freelancers should never do when negotiating

Negotiations can be quite common for freelancers. We know what we want and what we need, and we don’t want to budge a whole lot when it comes to negotiating. However, I would guess that the majority of freelancers (myself… Continue Reading →

5 things freelancers do to stay sane

It can get pretty lonely when freelancing. Not only are you working alone most of the time, but you are also most likely working from you own home. Keeping your sanity and maintaining the right mindset is crucial to your… Continue Reading →

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