Having values for your freelance business is extremely important. Without values, you have nothing to fall back on and no reference on where you should draw the line.

However, often times freelancers compromise on their values to try and please a client, get more work, or beat their competition. It’s when you compromise on your values that problems begin to arise.

Brent Galloway offers some great insight on the problem with compromising on your values and what you can do to make sure that you hold true to them

Here’s what Brent has to say.

“It’s daunting to work with clients, especially if you’re just getting started. Your confidence is low and you’re hungry for work. This most often will lead to compromising on your values, and your decision to compromise influences the industry you work in.

What do I mean by your values? Your values are the fine details that make up your work process. Do you only work with a specific niche market? Do you have a one concept approach when designing logos? Do you charge based on value rather than just your time? Having a client request more concepts or request a cheaper price and you giving in would be compromising on your values.”

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