One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to be your own boss. If you feel like posting something about that dumb client who still hasn’t paid you, you’re free to do so. It’s not like you’ll get fired, right? It really can’t hurt you, right?!


Look, I get it. There are some clients who are just unpleasant. Nothing you do will make them happy and sometimes you just need to vent; and venting is good. If we kept everything inside, we’d explode pretty quickly.

The important thing is understanding where and to whom it’s appropriate to vent. Are you thinking about writing a completely vague update about a client on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? Think again.

Even if you don’t give away any information about the client, there is a bit of information you are giving away: YOUR NAME.

One complaint is enjoyable, ten looks unhinged.

Freelancers Union had this to say.

“While exposure is the preeminent concern, there’s another unintended consequence of turning to social media every time your client annoys you. Even if said client never finds out, it often makes YOU look just as bad as whatever you’re complaining about.

Bill’s page makes for good reading. I genuinely enjoy his rants! But because he complains so often about so many clients, HE starts to look like the common denominator for dysfunction.

I like Bill personally, but I would never recommend him for a job, because he seems like a bit of a pain. Is that fair? Maybe not – but that’s the message he’s sending.”

Read the full article at Freelancers Union.

BONUS! If you absolutely have to rant about a client, do it anonymously. Sites like Clients From Hell provide a safe way to let it out. Plus, if you read through a few pages of rants others have, you’ll probably feel better and may even realize that your client isn’t so bad after all.