Rarely does something go exactly according to plan. Whether something negative happens because of a mistake on your part, or something outside of your control, the important thing is how you look at what goes differently and what you plan to do about it.

Inc has put together a great article to help you turn the challenges that hold you back into opportunities that propel you forward.

The key is to focus on your goal and not on the plan that you initially drew up to get there.

“I am not big on clichés such as “every time God closes a door, he opens a window.”

But I do think there is one overused phrase that does has merit. That phrase: There are no such things as problems, just opportunities.”

Indeed I think it is actually an apt description of the business environment we now find ourselves in.

The world, which has always been unpredictable, is becoming increasingly more so. That means your odds of moving smoothly from A to B are going to steadily decrease over time, creating more and more situations that you simply could not anticipate. That means more problems–but more opportunities, if you view those challenges in a different way.”

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