Whether your doing work for a brand new client, or someone you’ve worked with for years, you should never do just the bare minimum.

I might even go as far to say that you shouldn’t even do the exact work that you’re required, but you should always do your best to go the extra mile.

Whenever you go above and beyond, your showing your client that they made the right choice in choosing you. They’ll rave about you and you’ll be able to get more work from clients who truly appreciate what you do.

Going the extra mile doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do more work. From showing them your process to sharing your knowledge, there are several ways you can go the extra mile for your clients.

“The importance of sharing your process

Sharing my process is something I recently started doing early this year. Before I mention any prices or do any work whatsoever, I lay out my work process to make sure my client’s are on the same page. Most of the time, my clients have no experience in working with a designer, so seeing my process puts them at ease and also becomes a learning experience for them. Think about when you’re being serviced – you could be getting a tattoo, having your car repaired, or renovating your house. Doesn’t it make you feel better when there’s a plan laid out for you? You’re able to see the steps that will be taken, when they’ll be taken, and how the professional you’re working with will do their job. The same applies for the work you do for your clients.

But this doesn’t stop in the briefing process. After you’ve started the work, continue to share your process and thoughts in detail throughout the project. When I’m designing a logo for example, I like to take photos as I work. Then when I deliver a concept, I share the rough sketches I worked through, the variations I distilled, and how I came to the best possible logo for them and ultimately their customers/audience.”

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