What if you tried really hard? It’s a question that most of us would answer with “I do try really hard.” But do we really?

When we look back at our day, can we see ourselves actually trying hard? Can we see ourselves actually trying?

For me personally, too often I don’t try hard. Maybe the thing I want to try hard at is landing that big client. Sure, I’ll think about it a lot. I’ll research the company, read articles on landing big clients, practice my elevator pitch, and maybe even polish up my website, but am I actually trying hard to land the client?

Don’t get me wrong; all of the above stuff I mentioned is good, and a lot of it will help land the client. But at some point, we just need to actually try the thing we’ve been thinking about doing.

IttyBiz has a great write-up on what it might look like if we actually tried hard.

In order for an attempt to have taken place, there had to have been a thing, and a visible effort.

“It occurred to me that trying only really counts if it occurs at the place in time and space where the trying makes a difference. Like, “trying” to quit smoking doesn’t count when you’re thinking about it on the bus, or reading an article about it, or musing on the topic while chopping carrots.

It only counts as trying when you are in the act of almost putting a cigarette into your mouth and setting fire to the end. The rest of the time it doesn’t count as trying – it counts as intending or researching or thinking or musing or sometimes whining.

Because “try” means “attempt”. Attempt is a verb, yes, but it is also a noun. In order to attempt (the verb) there has to be an attempt (the noun).”

Read the full article at IttyBiz.