March 2015

How to double your freelance profit right now

If you could double your revenue and profits by setting a few hours aside to analyze your business, would you do it? I hope so. IttyBiz offers 5 great tips on how you can do just that. Tip #5 really… Continue Reading →

When (and when not) to take risks in your freelance business

Running a business involves risks, lots of them. Some are more detrimental than others. Being able to assess those risks and act accordingly can be a very hard issue to tackle. What tasks are worth the risk and what risks… Continue Reading →

How you can handle client rejection better as a freelancer

If you are being rejected, you are TRYING, and that is progress. A little while ago I received a call from a former co-worker asking me for a quote on a couple different designs. It seemed like a pretty straightforward… Continue Reading →

How you can manage multiple clients (and not go crazy)

There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re freelancing, you have more than one client. Staying organized is absolutely crucial to managing several projects, meeting deadlines, and creating great work! Balance is going to be key to ensuring you’re getting… Continue Reading →

How to get new clients today using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with new and potential clients. The social nature of the business-to-business networking site allows you to connect with clients on a more personal level while maintaining professionalism. Not only is it a great… Continue Reading →

25 amazing tips to freelancing success

We all strive for success in whatever we do. Does anyone ever start something with the end goal being failure? I highly doubt it. However, success isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness not… Continue Reading →

How to start being confident in yourself and your creativity

Imagine a world where no ones cares what other people think of them. A world in which confidence is as abundant as oxygen. Can you picture yourself in that world? You should, because that world is real; if you want… Continue Reading →

How to conquer those last minute deadlines (without sacrificing creativity)

Deadlines. We all have them. What do you do when you realize that the project you’ve been putting off is due tomorrow morning at 8am? Do you sit back, relax, and calmly begin working? Or do you go into an all… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to fire your client now!

We all have those clients who we dread. We see an email or phone call from them and immediately the anxiety starts. Determining if we’d we better off without them isn’t an easy thing and unfortunately there are plenty of… Continue Reading →

The freelance advice you absolutely need to hear

I loved this post from Brent Galloway over at Your Freelance Career. Making the commitment to freelancing full-time can be a scary thing. Many of us look for more excuses not to freelance rather than reasons to do it. You… Continue Reading →

Why you should “spy” on your freelance competition

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that you’re not the only freelancer out there. How can you set yourself apart from the competition? Just as important, what can you learn from them? It could be fear or simple curiosity that drives… Continue Reading →

3 simple tips to landing your next big client

Have you ever thought about landing the big client? I’m not talking about a decent sized client, I’m not even talking about a huge local client. I’m talking about the type of client that you had only wished you could have;  the client who… Continue Reading →

How Leaving Comments Grows a Blog & Freelance Business

At first, I was pretty skeptical of this post. Why? Because of this headline: “A Good Comment Linking Back to You Is Like Money In the Bank – Its Value Grows with Time” But then I kept reading on about… Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Become a Better, More Successful Freelancer

Brent’s been putting some really great content out lately and I like the 10 tips he shares in this article. While some of them I’ve heard before, I was delighted to see #8 on the list. It’s something I have… Continue Reading →

50+ Sites for Free Images, Fonts & Icons for Your Blog

Not much to say on this one, but you’ve simply GOT to check out this amazing list of 50+ places to get free images, fonts, icons, etc. for your designs. Check out the full list here: 50+ Sites for Free Images,… Continue Reading →

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