At first, I was pretty skeptical of this post.

Why? Because of this headline:

“A Good Comment Linking Back to You Is Like Money In the Bank – Its Value Grows with Time”

But then I kept reading on about how this all worked and I realized there was some serious merit to what was being shared. Here’s the part I enjoyed the most:

“As an experiment, I decided to submit three comments every weekday for three weeks this January. In total, I left 55 comments on sites like Graphic Design Blender, Creative Bloq, 99designs and 99u. Out of the submitted comments, 26 were finally approved and published by the websites. Each comment linked back to a specific blog post on Flaunt My Design. I tracked the number of visits I was generating with Google Analytics.

What happened?

It turned out to be a powerful experiment!

My comments did indeed drive some visits. 625 to be exact. Some visits happened immediately, but 73% of the visits actually took place after I stopped commenting.”

See all the charts, results and the full post at Flaunt My Design.