I’m sure you heard the saying “Fast, cheap, and good: pick two.”

But is it really true? Do you really have to pick two?

If so, which two are you? More importantly, which two are you presenting yourself as?

Freelancers Union provides some great insight on how, when it really comes down to it, we are only left with one choice.

“When a client questions your rates or is trying to rush you, ask yourself why they’re interested in you in the first place. Why do they want you?

Well, presumably, they want you because you’re great, and your work is awesome. That’s the good part. Your clients are already lucky to have you! It’s true that you could conceivably do fast, cheap work, but you probably can’t make it fundamentally bad.

So take that as a given – that’s one leg of the triangle down. Your clients’ only options when working with you are good and fast or good and cheap.”

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