When first starting your freelance business, you need to clearly explain what you do to potential clients. Many of us work on our elevator pitch with hopes of keeping it under thirty seconds. However, most elevator pitches end up being much longer.

The longer your pitch is, the more complicated it becomes. This, in turn, makes it harder for your potential client to clearly and quickly grasp what you do.

Freelance marketing director, Jake Jorgovan, has written a great article that outlines the problems of an overly complicated pitch and offers an amazing solution to make sure that what you do is quickly understood.

I help X accomplish Y through Z

“Time and time again, I find myself drowning in a three minute long pitch about the business or service that they are trying to create.

They overthink it, overcomplicate it and end up hurting their business because no one understands what they do.

This is painful to listen to, but most importantly it’s painful because it is hurting their business.

Learning to easily communicate what you do is one of the most important things every creative professional must learn.”

See Jake’s full article here.