We all have those days when our brain just doesn’t want to work. As much as we try to come up with a great idea, we end up with nothing.

To break the creativity rut, you might try going for a walk, listening to some music, or try some brainstorming methods.

Freelancers Union gives us 9 great tips that you should definitely try next time you find yourself with a creativity block. Tip #3 is one of my favorites. Whenever I have trouble thinking, it makes a huge difference to get out of the office and walk around for a little bit. I always come back feeling refreshed and ready to go.

“Go for a walk.

Steve Jobs was known for his walking meetings. Thoreau, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven all loved long walks as well. And filmmaker Werner Herzog has said that the world reveals itself “to people who travel on foot.”

As it turns out, there’s some science behind those steps. A new study by Stanford researchers found that walking, regardless of whether it’s inside or outdoors, boosts creative inspiration.

The study involved four experiments with 176 adults who were asked to think of alternate uses for a given object. Creative output increased by an average of 81% when participants were taking a walk, regardless of whether they sat before or after.”

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