It’s absolutely crucial to make the most of the time you have. After all, time is money.

As freelancers, most of us work in an environment where we are by ourselves. This means that some distractions that are typical in an office setting, such as socializing with co-workers, aren’t really an issue.

However, because we are working by ourselves, we don’t have a boss looking over our shoulder all the time. This means we can more easily fall into time wasting productivity killers such as using social media or watching a quick Youtube video (or 10).

Inc. has put together a list of 7 common ways that people waste time in the workplace. Time wasters #2 and #3 are definitely two things that we as freelancers need to be mindful of.

“2. Social Networking: Similar to socializing with co-workers, instant messaging is a huge time waster for those seeking to maximize their productivity. What begins as an innocent chat, ends a half-hour later with regret.

3. Surfing the Net: Surfing the net for non-work related subjects is a huge time waster. According to the same source as above, 64% of people who work at a desk with a PC, visit non-work related websites during the work day, while 45% claim this is one of their biggest distraction.”

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